~Faith or Fear~

I’ve noticed that darkness falls earlier as each day goes by since the clocks changed across Europe last weekend. Not just in the skies over the hills but also in the thoughts of many as we have ever-increasing restrictions on our freedoms with no real logic in many of the decisions made out of our control. Fear and Faith… for me there is a thread that joins them, in that they both have you believing in something you cannot see.

This theme came up with several clients this week, and I open this to you as you read this blog. Every day, we put blind faith in so many other things that we have absolutely no control over. Faith that our electricity turns on…Faith that our Wi-Fi connection never falters. Faith in transportation to get us to our destinations… On the other end of this spectrum, how many times have you backed away from going after something you want?

A job promotion? A relationship? A lifestyle change? At some point in our life, we have all done this.

So why is it we put our faith in the things that we cannot control and not in ourselves? I encourage you on this Friday evening to reflect on some of the things you may fear…pick one and go do it. Have faith in the outcome. Whatever happens, look for a positive meaning… what have I learned? What can I do better next time? What was good about it? What can I be grateful for?

Start feeding your mind positively in every experience you have in life and see the impact it brings you 😉

Light & Blessings on your weekend 🙏