Friday Feelings

Darkness arrives early these days in the Southern Scottish hills, and as the weekend arrives I reflect back on my client sessions this week and the theme of emotional resilience has been frequently discussed.

The most asked question has been recently “how do I manage my emotions in these unprecedented times?” Maybe you are asking yourself this or something similar… What I have observed over the thousands of client sessions I have conducted is that the daily emotions we live in determine the quality of the life and experience we have.

A few questions for you to ponder as you enter your weekend… What are the emotions you experience most every day? How do they affect your relationships? .. your performance at work? your mental health?

If those emotions don’t empower you or lift your spirits, break the pattern of these emotions.. play your favourite music, take a walk in nature, dance, or close your eyes and remember those moments in your life you are grateful for.

You have the power of your emotions, what needs to happen for you to be living daily in a positive emotional state as your default?

If you are finding yourself emotionally challenged in these days, reach out to the support organisations in your area, family friends or a professional, you are not alone.

Light & Blessings on your Weekend 🙏