In Times Like These

For most of 2020, all of us have experienced some form of lockdown or significant restrictions to our freedom. For many of us, this has had an effect emotionally and mentally as we are absorbed by the events and media information that is often overwhelming.

Our awareness in what we can actually control in our lives has for most of us increased. Also, everything that is outside of our control … the weather, other people, government’s decisions…just to name a few. Have you noticed how much time and energy you give to these events?

How many times have you got upset, frustrated or angry because something happened to you and it was out of your “control”? How long did you hold onto this negative emotion?

My guess is more times than you can count. When you do this, you give the control of your emotions away, I know this from painful experience over the years. I lost so much time and energy, and the only person it hurt was me.

The truth is you cannot always control what is happening. More often than not, you are not in control. But there is one thing you are always going to be able to control…and that is the way you respond to events in your life

You can learn to manage your emotions, embrace them and not let them hold you back in your life.

As you enter your weekend, I encourage you to reflect on where your emotional power is. Ask yourself, is it with you?… or events that you have no control over?

If you are struggling with the current events in your life and your emotions or mental health, please reach out to the support organisations where you live or contact a friend family member or a professional who can support you. 

Light & Blessings on your Weekend 🙏