What Will You Be Eating This Weekend?

Another week moves to a close and for most people, the weekend brings time to rest. The recent weeks and their events have for many brought increased stress, overwhelm, fear and anxiety.

What do we typically do when we find ourselves in these emotional states? We start to overindulge in our favourite vices… Alcohol, Food, TV, Social Media. They numb our minds to avoid what is in front of us.

These can quickly become habits and before you realise it you lose connection with yourself, the people closest to you and the spiral of life takes your thoughts to dark places.

In these unprecedented times, I encourage you to take time to unplug from the mainstream, reconnect to & recharge your body mind & spirit. Ask yourself what do I need right now to be stronger? have more confidence? to feel refreshed? and to be ready for whatever comes my way next?

If you are struggling with life right now, reach out to the support organisations in your area, family friends or a professional, you are not alone.

Light & Blessings on your Weekend 🙏