December is calling you…How will you answer?

Night falls over the hills, and the cold air descends like a blanket as the stars begin to fill the clear sky. In 4 days the last month of this year 2020 arrives.

Yes this year is drawing to a close, a year which has brought for most, much change, emotional challenges, and the removal of many of the things in life we take for granted. A few questions for you as the weekend begins.  How are you going to spend your time in December? Will you react to it or will you be proactive and make positive use of your time?

How do you want your 2021 to turn out? What are you prepared to do to make it the way you want it to be? Or will you just sit back and watch it pass .. and let others control your life, your mind and your future?

You may be reading this and thinking I can’t do anything about my situation, it is the fault of the government, my employers, big pharma or anyone else you think of. When you focus your time and energy on events and circumstances that you can’t control, it will cause you anxiety, stress and fear..These emotions will detrimentally affect your health.

What can you do in these times to reduce fear anxiety and stress? Limit your media, TV, news and social media to a very short period of time each day. Your mindset and your emotions are things you have control over. I encourage you to focus your attention on these as you prepare for the traditional end of year celebrations.

Take time to read, walk in nature, have deep conversations with friends and loved ones. Take care to fill your mind with information that will stimulate you, nurture you and give you the impetus to start living life in a more proactive and empowering emotional state.

For those who are struggling in these times, you are not alone. Please reach out to family friends or a professional or support organisation in your area.

Light and Blessings on your Weekend