Hitting the Off Switch

It is so easy to get lost in the list of things you need to do each day. The list piles up each day from decision-making, managing relationships, doing everyday tasks around the house, to making plans for your job and family. And, after you have accomplished your plans, make more plans.

When was the last time you stopped and unplugged?

One might think that unplugging is wasting time and that “always doing” is better and productive.

Unplugging is a mental training process that teaches your mind to slow down to focus on “the moment” and then calm your mind and body, focus on the positive, and cut loose the negative.

This slowing down process will benefit your mental health, which will eventually manifest in your physical well-being – lower heart rate, better sleep, reduce stress levels, boosts concentration, and improve relationships.

Do yourself a favour. Find time within your day or your week to unplug. Reap the cumulative benefits of those moments and see how your thought life will change and your body improves.

Light & Blessings on your day.