Thoughts, Words & Actions

Positive thinking is powerful, and it become more potent when you put positive emotions and physiology to it.

When you fill your mind with positive self-talk, think about the unlimited potential for you in all areas of your life. Remembering what we feed our minds shapes how we feel and act. This mind-body connection manifests itself in our health, speech and actions.

Do not allow setbacks to stop you. As we say in Scotland, “keep the heid” (keep the head). A person with a can-do attitude uses his energy to learn from the experience and allows the “setback” to improve his character. He thinks “I can” and his heart and body follow.

So, be constantly aware of your thoughts, the words that you speak, and your actions. You will be surprised at the effect positive self-talk will have on your mind and body.

Light & Blessings on your day.