Hello! My Name is David Alison.

I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland. I returned to live in Scotland in June 2019, after 30 years of living in England, the Netherlands and Belgium. I am now based approximately 40 miles south of Glasgow in the beautiful countryside of the Southern Uplands. 

I have experienced much in my lifetime. A corporate career of 36 years from trolley assistant in a supermarket to a board level appointment with EMEA responsibility for a Fortune 500 organisation to a complete career change in my mid-fifties and finding my purpose in life through my coaching business.

That journey brought two marriages and divorces, multiple redundancies, a Masters degree at the age of 40, and the opportunity to live and work in 3 European Countries. The highs and lows of the road I’ve travelled have taken me from the darkest places of struggle and challenge to a life of fulfilment and big dreams I am still going to manifest.

I am hungry to understand how what makes us do what we do in living this gift we have of LIFE. I have learned over these years, that life happens for you and not to you.

My passion is helping people like you who are looking to live their best possible life. A life without limits, and unlimited possibilities. A life where you remove the limits find fulfilment in their life. A life of growth and contribution.

If you are into details and numbers, my experience comes from a lifetime of growth, learning, mistakes, and a 36-year corporate management career. In my coaching career from over 4000 client sessions, 600+ hours of ongoing paid training and learning from the best thought leaders in Coaching, Therapy & Personal Development world.

David has been recognised as one of the Top Life Coaches by Coaches Foundation.