December is calling you…How will you answer?

Night falls over the hills, and the cold air descends like a blanket as the stars begin to fill the clear sky. In 4 days the last month of this year 2020 arrives. Yes this year is drawing to a

Friday Feelings

Darkness arrives early these days in the Southern Scottish hills, and as the weekend arrives I reflect back on my client sessions this week and the theme of emotional resilience has been frequently discussed. The most asked question has been

What Will You Be Eating This Weekend?

Another week moves to a close and for most people, the weekend brings time to rest. The recent weeks and their events have for many brought increased stress, overwhelm, fear and anxiety. What do we typically do when we find

In Times Like These

For most of 2020, all of us have experienced some form of lockdown or significant restrictions to our freedom. For many of us, this has had an effect emotionally and mentally as we are absorbed by the events and media

~Faith or Fear~

I’ve noticed that darkness falls earlier as each day goes by since the clocks changed across Europe last weekend. Not just in the skies over the hills but also in the thoughts of many as we have ever-increasing restrictions on

Light in the Darkness

From my window, I can see the last rays of the sun fall on the hillside on a cold autumn Friday afternoon.. This weekend in Scotland brings the winter clock change and the days grow darker, shorter and colder. We

Fall in Love with Life

As we approach the middle of October, it is clear that summer has fully faded away and Autumn has arrived. The season of change. Leaves turn from green to hues of red, orange then gold. The temperature fluctuates from warm

Time & Emotions

Late Friday afternoon, here in the southern Scottish hills. The signs of autumns arrival can be seen across the glen with leaves falling and the golden colours stretching as far as the eye can see, across the fields and forests.

Thoughts from the Hillside

Early Friday evening here in the Southern Scottish hills, there is a freshness in the air as the last hour of the crisp autumn sunshine hugs the top of the hills across the glen. Dusk becomes nightfall faster as the

Friday in the Hills

Friday afternoon and I’m sitting in my office having just finished my last client session, outside the window, the colours of autumn are starting to appear on the hills and in the bushes and fields that surround my house. This

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