Be the Light

Martin Luther said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”. Do you believe that? I do. Darkness could be an internal darkness of thoughts or mind or

What is Courage?

Are you familiar with the expression, “are you a man or a mouse?” This phrase dates back to the 16th century, which means to encourage a person to be daring. It is sort of asking a person, “Do you have

Attitude of Gratitude

In everything give thanks. this is not a play of words. There is great wisdom in this powerful statement. And let me tell you, there is a difference between, “in everything give thanks” and “for everything give thanks”. Today, I

Biggest Career Decision

It’s now 44 months since I made the biggest decision in my career I became a full-time coach after 35 years in the corporate world and earlier this month I passed the milestone of having worked with 250 people in

Weekend Stories

Friday evening in the hills and the wild winds of the Scottish winter howl like a pack of wolves around my farmhouse. The Rain rattles the window panes and a log goes into the log burner bringing a cosy feel

Fall in Love with Your Life

The sunsets on the snow-capped hilltops and as darkness fall, a blanket of stars covers the night sky with a soft light across the fields. Inside the candlelit room, the log burner glows warmly with the dancing flames and that

Life Lessons from Nature

Good Afternoon from the Scottish hills. As the weekend appears on the horizon, I look from the window of my home office at the dance of the trees and bushes with the unseen power of the strong southerly winds. The

Life Change Anniversary

In 6 days it will be exactly 41 months since I made the biggest decision in my career, I became a full-time coach after a 35-year career in the corporate world and earlier this month I passed the milestone of

Managing Life & Its Storms

Good afternoon from the snow-covered frozen hills of Southern Scotland. The first full week of 2021 is coming to a close and I sit here in reflection. Its been quite a week. We have seen the power of mother nature

New Year & Emotions

Welcome to 2021, a year which follows a year which was like no other in our lifetime. This time of year always reminds me of the snoopy cartoon where Charlie Brown says “you only live once” and Snoopy replies “Wrong!