Who is my coaching for?

My clients are Business owners and Leaders, who come to me for support in their life and business/organisations, to be a coach, sparring partner (sounding board) and in some cases a spiritual guide.

My typical clients are “successful” according to societies norms. In addition, they want more from life, whether that’s in business, their corporate career or personal life. They are looking for “the edge”, to get to the next levels in life & business, and to eradicate the mental barriers that hold them back from creating and achieving the legacy they desire. In then finding their bigger purpose, they want to make a difference to the causes they are passionate about.

It is my role to guide and support them as they transform their mindset, beliefs and personal psychology. I help to open their minds and hearts to what’s possible, and to achieve the legacy and greatness they strive for, whatever that may be, examples of which could be creating a mindset and identity to deliver success in the boardroom or their expansion as an entrepreneur.

I don’t work with anyone, it is important that there is a good fit for both client and coach, most of my clients come from referral and invite. From both sides there needs to be a hell yes to engage in a working relationship.

If this resonates with you lets have a chat, book a call using the button and choose the “let’s connect” option.

Coaching is available in the following formats:

Individual (Face to Face) – At my office in Scotland or Client Location as agreed

One to One (Video/Audio) – Online via Zoom

Groups/Teams – Online via Zoom or Client Location as agreed

Destination You Program – Online – Sign Up


David Alison Coaching offers different packages:

  • Individual – Concierge – Unlimited Access – bespoke package, according to client needs. Typically 6 to 12 months face to face or via zoom/video as agreed
  • Individual – 2 hours monthly via zoom/video or at my home office in Scotland
  • Individual – VIP Intensive – specifically tailored to your requirements – 2 day at my location in Scotland