See below what some of my Clients say about working with me!

“I have worked as loyal employee for 20 years. Fed up with empty promises, glass ceilings and disappointments, I decided to quit my job and use my expertise in data management to become an Independent Data Expert.

 I was angry and frustrated, but extremely motivated, and I was going to show “them” I could do this. I did not really have a plan. And then reality kicks in. A couple of months later, I don’t have any customers, no income and then it hits me : what have I done? am I good enough to pull this off? why haven’t I found any customers yet? and I find myself scared and alone. 

Luckily, that is when a friend told me to talk to David. Step by step he peeled of the layers of doubt, worry and stress and I began to feel a lot more confident and I was able to set higher standards for myself. Before I was a very nervous person who got intimidated really fast. Now, I can put things in perspective, and I push through even when it’s hard. 

The coaching sessions with David are one of the first investments that I’ve made in myself since I took that life changing decision, and it was the best investment that I could have made!”

T.D.H, Brussels 

“It has literally been life changing to work with David as my coach.

I met David at a time when I wanted to bring my life to the next level in terms of meaning. I had ambitions to make that move on career and relationship levels. The results that I have achieved are above all expectations that I had when starting. 

Here’s a few achievements that I will forever be grateful to David for:

  • David helped me build the vision of my life purpose and identify the key results that I needed to achieve in order to progress on my journey.
  • David gave me tools to plan for my dream and define a concrete yet realistic action plan that he held me accountable for delivering through regular coaching calls.
  • David gave me tools to build and reinforce my mental strength which helped me keep an eye on the ball and get closer to my goal one day at the time.
  • David helped me love myself more, identify the strengths within me, develop more compassion for myself which results in me living a life filled of gratitude and passion instead of stress, anxiety and remorse.
  • David guided me in understanding my personal psychology, which results in me going through life and work with the confidence that I can deal with any challenge coming my way. 

Bottom line, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a coach that is committed to help you achieve your goals, truly caring and with unique listening and empathy skills. “

J.R.T Belgium

” I have worked with David the past 6 months and feel privileged to have him as a coach. He always showed a valued interest in my life, with enthusiasm towards encouragement of the setting and attaining of my goals. He has been a vital resource to me, helping me focus and prioritize, I would highly recommend David, he has provided me the foundation and growth of my success in the past months”

Cathy A , Ontario Canada

“I worked with David on getting clarity and purpose on my goals during a challenging time in my life. The outcome afterwards was clear focus and purpose, and within 2 months I was in New York living the reality of one of my goals. If you need someone to help you get laser focused and help you have the mindset to achieve your goals, then you should contact David”

Michael E . London UK

“I booked 5 sessions with David , and I was nervous  because i knew deep inside that these sessions would take me out of my comfort zone… and it happened !!! After my first session, I finally took a decision that I had been pushing away for 5 years now. 

With his natural strength and calmness, he asked me THE question ….  I burst into tears …. Realizing how important that this choice is for me. Thanks to these sessions … I moved forwards ..I love his kindness, his presence (even if we did 4 sessions with Skype) …  I am grateful that in my path.. it was to have David as my coach “ 

Celine A. Brussels Belgium